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Take control of your Cancer

Ownership and control over fundamental health data -- including genetic sequence data -- ought to be a universal human right.


Gather and securely store all of your fundamental health data -- healthy and cancer whole genomes, gut microbiome, epigenetic, proteomic, and transcriptomic datasets -- all in one integrated online location.


Your health database is accessible only to you and those you permission. Easily invite caregivers and others to collaborate around your data. You decide who has access.


Tap the power of your data to navigate through alternative treatments and inform your decisions. Leverage our query tools that analyze your data to find new treatment options for a personalized therapy experience.


While pursuing new cutting-edge treatment, take a holistic healing approach that integrates allopathic, naturopathic, and alternative treatments. Enable radical remission, adding years to your life and life to your years.

Founding Members’s founding members are also its first customers. We are late-stage cancer patients with the goal of using our fundamental health data -- including the raw sequence data for our whole healthy genomes, our whole cancer genomes, and our microbiomes -- to eliminate our cancers and to achieve optimum health and wellness. We envision a world where all people dealing with incurable cancers are able to leverage their health data to quickly identify the best available, personalized treatment options.


We help cancer patients identify their best available personalized treatment options, and better monitor disease progression and response to treatment.

How It Works


Our recommended provider network helps to expand therapeutic options and insights and to deliver numerous precision-medicine healing possibilities.

Our Platform answers the compelling need for patients to be able to own, store, and gain control over their fundamental health data in a way that enables and empowers useful analysis and collaboration.

User Friendly

  • Personalized platform YOU design
  • Easily realize healing opportunities
  • Powerful tools, simple to use

Speedy Analysis

  • Designed to scale with your data
  • Quickly see integrative approaches
  • Rapid lifestyle change advice

Global Access

  • Cloud native, and highly available
  • International network of providers
  • Patient controlled data access

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